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Tour to Wanxiang New Energy solar panel factory in Rockford
On May 19th, 2012, with Solar Star Foundation's sponsoring, a group of students from Northwest University visited Wanxiang solar panel factory located in Rockford, IL.

In order to help the students understand the principle of power generation by solar panels, Solar Star Foundation arranged wealth activities:

1. Invited Wanxiang America for an excellent speech about the prospects for solar energy industry.

2. Arranged a tour of the factory by Operation Manager Brent to watch the live panel production.

3. In the meanwhile, President Shirley Ni of Solar Star Foundation shared the story of Solar Star     Foundation, and explained the importance of solar energy and how to apply solar panel to save     energy.
visit solar panel factory
visit solar panel factory
visit solar panel factory
Rock Valley College designed and built the Wanxiang solar panel powered Electric Vehicle
Rock Valley College studentRock Valley College student drove a Wanxiang solar panel powered Electric Vehicle in Rockford on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. It is designed and built by Rock Valley College students using the 290w panel made in Wanxiang Rockford plant . This Wanxiang solar panel on this EV is able to support it runs for two hours after a full charge.

August 17, 2010